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Why Do I Need It ?

With more than 58%1 of the UK Population now owning a smartphone and almost one in five1 owning a tablet, having an online presence which is compatible with any device is now imperative. Indeed, according to Google, 21%2 of these smartphone owners would rather give up their TV than their smartphone, and 65%2 expect websites they visit via their phone to be as easy to navigate as if they were on a desktop computer.

Furthermore, 35%3 of all automotive searches now take place on a mobile or tablet device, an increase of 118%3 year on year, meaning there has never been a better time to invest in a flexible website for your dealership that ensures potential buyers always enjoy the best possible user experience.

Our Flex websites are developed in house by our hands-on team of technical and design experts. Built on state of the art technology, Flex websites automatically adapt the content of your pages to the right size for the device being used - ensuring your website is perfectly rendered by your customers wherever and however they choose to access your site.

Why do i need it?

Five Reasons To Buy

  1. 35% of all automotive searches now take place on a mobile or tablet device
  2. Flex websites use cutting-edge responsive technology to display your digital dealership on any device and ensure that your stock is showcased perfectly online to your potential customers, regardless of whether they are accessing via desktop, mobile or tablet.
  3. Flex websites will be built complete with our easy to use content management system. This allows you to manage and maintain your website's content quickly and easily without any duplication or costly fees. Autoedit (our vehicle management system) also comes as standard.
  4. Flex websites can be customised with a variety of packs, tailoring your site to the individual needs of your business. This means Flex websites come at flexible prices for flexible budgets!
  5. Flex websites offer additional SEO benefits by capturing search traffic across devices which may not otherwise have reached your website.

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